Sir Knights
Welcome to the Introduction to Templary Correspondence Courses offered by the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Virginia. We hope you will enjoy this course. These instructions are to assist you in registering and taking the tests. There is no fee for these tests.

Introduction to the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Virginia

Introduction to the Orders of Knighthood

If you have any issues or questions, please contact:
Sir Knight Chuck Dirienzo
Chairman, Internet Committee
UPDATED 081520@ 1710 HRS

Clicking on the link to the test will bring you to a page that looks like this:

You will need to enter your email address and select a password. The password needs to be at least 8 characters long. These are the credentials you will use to be able to save your process in the test and return to it later.

After you enter your email address and password, you will see this screen:

This information Is needed to validate you. If the email address you provided to the Grand Commandery is not correct, you will not be able to take the test. If you are having problems getting validated to take the test, update your information with the Recorder of your Commandery.
Once the information is updated by your Recorder, you will be able to take the course.

Once you are validated, you will see this screen:

This information is needed for your Certificate of Completion.
The instructions are the next thing you will see:

There is no time limit to complete the test. You can save where you are and come back later. However, to go to the next question, you must provide an answer.
Once you provide an answer and click "Next", you will see the next question.
As you can see from this screen:

You can go back to previous questions. If you click on the down arrow next to "Display previously answered questions", you will see a list of those questions so you can go back to a specific question:

Once you go back to change an answer, be sure to click "Next" to register that answer. As you can see here:

I have gone back to question 1 from question 4. Since 4 has no answer, it is a different color from the rest. After changing my answer in question 1, I can easily go back to the last question I was working on, without having to go back through them all.
You can save and finish later at any time.

After clicking "Save and finish later" the button will change to "Confirm finish later". Once confirmed:

This indicates your progress has been saved. To return to the test, you will need to go to the Grand Commandery website and click on the link.
This time instead of entering your username and choosing a password, click "Resume" and enter your username and password:

After you have completed the test successfully, you will have the opportunity to download and print a Certificate of Completion.