Drill Team Information
Updated 01/15/2019

    Sir Knights All:

    Please spread the information to all Virginia Knights Templar to promote competitive drill in our Commonwealth. All dais Officers, Recorders, and Instructors are specifically asked to help. The following is important information about changes to Virginia DRILL COMPETITION now planned for 19 October 2019 at the Virginia Army National Guard Armory in Charlottesville.

    A description of the pioneering effort in Virginia to make Drill Competition possible for a team of just five Sir Knights was published in the November 2006 Virginia Supplement, Knight Templar magazine. It describes the benefits of competitive drill and changes that were made. Please note the cost of the Drill Regulations book has changed since 2006 and all the links and contact information from 2006 are no longer operative.

    Sir Knights, because this activity has great benefit to Commanderies changes were made in Virginia to make it easier to field a Drill Team. The Grand Commandery established the Virginia Class E competition in 2007. The Class E Team consists of five Sir Knights: a Captain and four Marchers. One supernumerary may be added. All team members must have membership in a Virginia Commandery, but they do not have to belong to the same Commandery. Starting in 2017 due to time and facility constraints, Virginia Drill Competition moved its own day in October instead of being at the Stated Conclave in May. Use of the Virginia Army National Guard Armory in Charlottesville is at no cost to the Grand Commandery.

    The Captain may work from notes. While memorization of the commands is not required or scored, the degree of success depends on familiarity and practice. The routine and details for Virginia Class E competition are in this linked file: "VA Class E Drill Routine Commands 31 Dec 2016 Final". This routine will continued to be used until a revision is deemed necessary. The basic elements are related to opening a Commandery and the tactics in the Order of Knighthood.

    If enough Sir Knights desire to form a Class A, B, C, or D Team to compete, adherence to the current Grand Encampment routine and rules for the respective Team Class will be required.

    *** Captains MUST register their team with me before September 1st in order to compete. ***

    *** Sir Knights interested in being a Judge should let me know as soon as possible. ***


    William F. "Bill" Reinhold, KCT
    Drill Team Committee Chairman
    Past Grand Commander
    Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Virginia