Drill Corps Information
Updated 08/12/2019

Sir Knights All:

The following is an update: The Grand Commandery Drill Corps School and Drill Competition is planned for 19 October 2019 at the Route 17 - Commuter Lot (back lot) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The event that was previously planned on the same date in Charlottesville is now the Fredericksburg event. See details in this August 9, Letter.

The Constitution, Statutes, Disciplinary Rules, Standing Resolutions, Ceremonies, Forms, and Approved Decisions of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America," Section 62(d) states: "Each Constituent or Subordinate Commandery shall maintain a unit or units, equipped with full Templar uniforms ... to be worn at full form openings and the conferring of the Order of the Temple. Such unit or units shall at all times be composed of at least six active members who shall be available for Asylum escort, triangle guard duty, Commandery drill team and such additional requirements as the Commandery may from time to time determine." We encourage each Commandery to officially name a Drill Team or 'unit' of six Sir Knights in your minutes or with your District Deputy Grand Commander.

The Grand Commandery established the Virginia Class 'E' competition in 2007. The Class 'E' Team consists of five Sir Knights: a Captain, four Marchers, and one supernumerary (extra Sir Knight). All team members must have membership in a Virginia Commandery, but for the purposes of the Drill Corps School and Competition, they do not have to belong to the same Commandery.

The Captain may work from notes (e.g. read the drill routine). However, for competition purposes, the degree of success largely depends on familiarity and practice. The routine and details for Virginia Class E competition are in this linked file: "VA Class E Drill Routine Commands 31 Dec 2016 Final". This routine will continued to be used until a revision is deemed necessary. The basic elements are related to opening a Commandery and the tactics in the Order of Knighthood.

For instructional purposes, I have added (SEE BELOW) and will continue to add instructional resources to this page to help our Sir Knights build confidence and become proficient in drill tactics with the hope they will join the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Virginia Drill Corps.

In the words of my Drill Team Committee Chairman predecessor, "When we first started up our Drill Team we were terrible...but we took the field!" Please come join us 'in the field!'

Chuck Sir Knight Charles Burke Barbee
Chairman, Drill Team Committee
Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Virginia
(912) 660-4945

Virginia Drill Routine SWORD MANUAL.pdf
Message from REGC Ben Hill on Drill Teams/Competion MESSAGE.pdf
Historical, pioneering efforts of Virginia Drill Team origins Nov. 2006 VA SUPPLEMENT.pdf


(Sword Manual - Part 1)

(Sword Manual - Part 2)

(2017 Class 'E' Drill Competition example...not perfect)

Other competition exams (not class 'E')