Drill Corps Information
Updated 5/19/2021

Greetings from your Drill Team Committee! This has been a very exciting couple of years. The Drill Team Committee is now a Standing Committee, and we can recognize individual Sir Knights for significant participation in Drill Related Activities with membership in our Drill Corps!

The first order of business is to announce that (assuming we move to operating in Phase 2) the Grand Commandery Drill Corps School and Competition will be held on October 16, 2021 in Fredericksburg at the Route 17 - Commuter Lot (back lot). More details on the location and time and any COVID-19 requirements will be provided at a later date. We encourage individual Sir Knights, especially newer Sir Knights, as well as pre-formed drill teams to come. The drill routine is in this linked file: VA Class E Drill Routine Commands 31 Dec 2016 Final". This same routine will continue to be used until a revision is deemed necessary. More details will be provided as we get closer to that date. Congratulations again to the New River Valley Commandery #32 Drill Team (pictured above) who are the reigning 2020 Champions and currently in possession of the Fitz Allen Brown Memorial Drill Trophy! Also remember that every Sir Knight who stands for inspection and participates in the competition earns a Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Virginia Drill Bar authorized to be worn on their uniform.

Second, our Right Eminent Grand Commander is concentrating on four core principles of the Knight Templar Code: Fraternity, Christianity, Fidelity, and Charity. Fraternity is the focus for May, June, and July. As a part of that effort your Drill Team Committee is putting forward two items to support that focus as well as to encourage significant participation in Drill Related Activities and support membership recruitment and retention efforts.

Item #1: Asylum Class 'E' Drill Competition (not applicable until we reach operating Phase 2)

Some of our Commanderies struggle to get the necessary number of Sir Knights to open and conduct business at their Stated Conclaves. The Drill Team Committee offers a Class 'E' Drill Routine designed to be performed in the Commandery Asylum. Though this program was intended to help the struggling Commanderies, it is open to all Commanderies. A Class 'E' Drill Team is composed of 5 Sir Knights (1 captain and 4 members). A Commandery can challenge another Commandery to attend their Stated Conclave for friendly competition, which can be their program for the evening, if desired. If the challenging Commandery has their team of 5 Sir Knights (who are members of their Commandery) and the challenged Commandery brings their team of 5 Sir Knights, there will be enough Sir Knights to open and conduct business. The Asylum Drill Routine and additional details will be provided once we enter operating Phase 2.

Item #2: Drill Corps Membership Criteria

All Sir Knights who are currently members of a Commandery beholden to our Grand Commandery that previously participated in a Grand Encampment Triennial Drill Competition are permanent members of the Drill Corps and authorized to wear the Drill Corps Badge. Additionally, all previously conducted approved Drill Related Activities count toward temporary membership. Lastly, Asylum Class 'E' Drill Competition (with another Commandery) has been added to the below criteria for temporary membership in the Drill Corps.

Current criteria for temporary membership in the Drill Corps:
a) Participated in 4 Grand Commandery Drill Competitions as a marching member, captain, supernumerary, or judge and earned a Grand Commandery Drill Bar, AND
b) Participated in any combination of 4 of the approved Drill Related Activities below:
i. Participation in additional Grand Commandery Drill Competitions (beyond 4);
ii. Participation in an Asylum Class 'E' Drill Competition with another Commandery;
iii. Participation in Grand Commandery Drill Corps School;
iv. Marched as a member of a Commandery unit (minimum of six Sir Knights in uniform) in a local parage; OR
v. Performed a flag ceremony or presentation of colors as a Commandery unit (minimum of 3 Sir Knights in uniform…like a Standard Guard) at a non-Commandery public or private event.

Please contact me or any member of the Drill Team Committee with any questions you may have. I hope to see you on the drill field in October.


Sir Knight Charles Burke Barbee
Chairman, Drill Team Committee
(912) 660-4945
"Zeal, Action, and Excellence"

Dril Team Report 06122020.pdf
Virginia Drill Routine SWORD MANUAL.pdf
Message from REGC Ben Hill on Drill Teams/Competion MESSAGE.pdf
Historical, pioneering efforts of Virginia Drill Team origins Nov. 2006 VA SUPPLEMENT.pdf


(Sword Manual - Part 1)

(Sword Manual - Part 2)

(2017 Class 'E' Drill Competition example...not perfect)

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